Sky Care is the leader in Nigeria for Airline Catering services to 85% of the Domestic Flights, 15% Charter and International Flights . At present, we supply over 1.3 million meals annually.

Sky Care clients benefit from over more than 20 years of experience and proven track record.
Sky Care strict adherence to quality assurance and detailed workflow in all the In-Flight Catering Unit's, and well defined business processes will always ensure the delivery of premium In - Flight Catering Services to our esteemed Clients.
Sky Care continuously strives to deliver Airline In-Flight Catering excellence and ensures all packaged meals are delivered in a timely distribution process. Our Quality focused approach touches on every aspect of the delivered product from order placement to end user satisfaction.

The benefits of our service include the following:

  • Currently largest in-flight caterer in Nigeria with 4 Operating Units.
  • Consistent Service quality throughout Quality, Production and Delivery processes.
  • Significant Cost Savings to our clients due to a Excellent Trained and Costumer focused Procurement,Production and Operations Team.
  • World Class Facilities.
  • Experienced Management Team.

Sky Care  provides in-flight catering services to all major flights out of Nigeria including many of the world’s leading airlines. Our on board catering services are provided for 85% of Domestic flights and International Airlines out of Nigeria.

Sky Care manages First Class and Business Class lounges. All lounges provide internet Access, Bar and Food services.

In line with International and Domestic client requests, Sky Care provides warehousing facilities. As per International requirements, refrigerating facilities for perishable goods or storage space for dry good are available in the protected areas of the Sky Care Units.