The Facility

The Sky Care facility is a State of the Art In- Flight Catering facility adopting high standards for In - Flight Catering and Food Production. The unit is designed for a production of a minimum of 10,500 meals per day.



  • Hot kitchen
  • Bakery
  • Laundry
  • Cold Kitchen
  • Laboratory
  • Sea Food preparation
  • Poultry Preparation
  • Vegetables disinfection and preparation
  • Generator
  • On Site Waste Area with Daily collection from a Certified Contractor
  • On site water Treatment Unit

All hardware components, water-treatment infrastructure, ventilation systems and light equipment have been sourced and installed from specific Trained Company's in adherence to International In - Flight Catering requirements. All these and the design from Workflow of the Production and Operations areas are what defines a state of the Art facility.